Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design SELECTION (Craft Central, London)


A selection of the finest contemporary furniture

Took myself off to the 'Meet the Maker' day at CCD SELECTION (part of London Craft Week) this morning.

Every year CCD scours the country for the best designer-makers of contemporary furniture to exhibit at their August exhibition in Cheltenham, the largest exhibition of such work in the UK.

CCD Selection Blog Post Pic.jpg

For those not familiar, the exhibition presents a small selection of bespoke contemporary furniture providing a glimpse into small, exceptional, yet often overlooked workshops of master craftsmen and women from across the UK. The selection of 35 pieces from 21 workshops delivers a sneak peek of 2016's exceptional event to Clerkenwell, and represents a rare opportunity to see the diverse work of so many furniture designer-makers together in London.

Most of the designer-makers behind the 35 exhibits were present to share the inspiration behind their work, how it was made, and why commissioning a designer-maker is more fulfilling than buying off the shelf.


Highlights for me were products from the following designer-makers:


Fire Side Chair by Petter Southall

Fire Side Chair CCD SELECTION 1.jpg

Petter’s hand-made furniture is made with a Scandinavian sense of design and understanding of wood coupled with exceptional craftsmanship. He works in solid oak and other hardwoods steam bent into lyrical curves and arches. Informed and inspired by the thinking that ‘low to the ground is a natural place to rest’, ‘Fire Side Chair’ is hand-made of steam bent oak with washed finish, very wide thin boards in a contemporary design.

Aeolian Console Table by Robert Scott


Robert’s vision and artistry produce pieces that are unique and highly collectable. 'Aeolian' takes experimental fabrication methods to new territories by aligning meticulous craftsmanship of stack lamination and laminate bending to the organic beauty that resides in the wake of climatic erosion.

Inspired by the erosive powers of nature, the table is carved out of Ash and finished with white oil. Robert’s work explores the relationship between user and object by inviting interaction through touch.

Aurora Chest of Drawers / Aphelion Hall Table / Log Stack Cabinet by Byron and Gómez

Log Stack Cabinet.jpg

Byron and Gómez is a partnership dedicated to craftsmanship. They find inspiration through craft itself:  the processes and techniques of making and the results that can be achieved through combining traditional and modern. It is their intention that everything they make will long outlast them; achieving sustainability though longevity.

Their work is contemporary in style, favouring clean lines and unadorned surfaces to create pieces that are bold yet understated. They draw on their own experiences as creative individuals with different aesthetic values and cultural backgrounds who share an inquisitive streak that drives them to experiment with new materials and techniques.


CCD SELECTION in Clerkenwell runs 3–7 May 2016.
CCD in Cheltenham runs 20–29 August 2016.